IOTA Access

IOTA Access

IOTA Access
Source: IOTA Foundation

IOTA Access is an open-source DLT framework for building policy-based access control systems and enabling pay-per-use functionalities at the edge. IOTA Access is designed to bring fine-grained access control to any machine, device, or building without relying on a centralized system or requiring a constant internet connection.

IOTA Access Unique Selling Proposition
Source: IOTA Foundation

IOTA Access is about enabling large scale services and security. Access enables device users and owners to grant or request access to their device or data stream in a remote, permissionless, contactless, and auditable manner. Without decentralized access control in an efficient peer-to-peer approach, we will continue to have our data, our devices, and our daily lives controlled by centralized institutions.

IOTA Access allows you to:

  • Grant and revoke access at any time
  • Specify conditional access restrictions
  • Charge users for access and extra functions
  • Easily integrate into existing apps via APIs
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Source: IOTA Foundation

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Last Updated on 17. February 2021