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Deposy – Recycling system

ClimateCHECK – Digital MRV – IF


Sustainable technology is something the IF is 100% committed to. For this reason, the IF wants to work with companies that invest resources in the development of novel, energy-saving and highly efficient devices. IOTA itself wants to develop distributed ledger architectures that are able to reduce the power requirements of devices, protocols and algorithms to realize all the amazing visions and dreams of a peer-to-peer economy without further destroying our planet.

Source: Everything Tangle

In the case of energy, one of the great challenges is to supply the whole world with electricity and to give everyone access to affordable electricity. At the same time, the necessary and justified demands for environmental protection and improved energy efficiency must be clarified. Which regions need which technologies and fit in with the local society? Digitization and further technical innovations in this area will play a central role in improving the efficiency of energy supply worldwide and implementing intelligent decentralized distribution systems.

The IF itself is using its technology to promote the creation of a decentralized, self-sufficient demand model. In addition to entire villages in emerging countries, entire communities in the western world could be equipped with solar collectors on the roofs of buildings and generate solar energy. All inhabitants of the building would be supplied and the surplus energy could be distributed to neighboring buildings, which would have to pay for this service with IOTAs according to the specific amount of energy.

Climate change and the loss of essential ecosystems are still the greatest threats to the long-term survival of mankind. With IOTA, common environmental data can be generated that everyone can trust. This enables evidence-based policy measures and improved management of natural resources. The IOTA token can be used in economic initiatives to create incentives for sustainability and reduce waste.

For more information about Sustainability please have a look at Social Impact.

Last Updated on 14. February 2021