Projects to recreate

This article is a translation of the German IOTA Beginner’s Guide by Schmucklos.

Projects to recreate

Here I would like to link interesting projects, which are presented on All projects are published with instructions for rebuilding, so these are often the ideal projects for beginners and developers.

An overview of all IOTA tagged projects can be found here.

Air Pollution Monitor: Proof-of-concept of a Tangle-based transparent and trustworthy air pollution monitoring system for future smart districts.

Wi-Fi Hotspot: This project demonstrates how to set up an outdoor Wi-Fi hotspot managed by IOTA.

Solid state switch and power meter: IOTA-based payment, power tracking, fault detection, predictive maintenance and industry marketplace functionality.

Remote Power Relay with Power Supply: This cellular IoT power relay is supported by IOTA, and users can charge the wallet to turn on their electrical devices.

ioTank: An indoor environment monitor for the Internet of Things that measures temperature, humidity and light intensity.

Raspberry Pi as a payment processor: Turn a Raspberry Pi into a payment provider and machine wallet. Simply define what happens when a payment is successful and focus on your idea.

Car Wallet pays for parking: A PoC for direct machine-to-machine micropayments without human interaction using IOTA’s DLT.

Distributed Health Record: Enable medical monitoring at home and share it with all medical professionals of your choice.

Advanced waste management: Build cleaner, greener and smarter cities.

AKITA machine payment module: Robots, wind energy providers and state tax authorities pay and work automatically.

Green certificates: The system allows digital green certificates to be issued per unit of green energy generated.

Pay per coffee: A hacked Nespresso machine that demands IOTAs to dispense coffee.

Smart device on the industry marketplace: Give your device the ability to select the most profitable quote request on the industry marketplace.

Where Is My Bus?: A live bus tracking system using IOTA to avoid unnecessary waiting at bus stops.

Logistical – Event Management with Industry Marketplace: A proof-of-concept project that improves your event management by automating logistical pain points.

Industry Marketplace App: Automatically select the best service at the best price. Currently, the payment methods are credit cards, RFID tags or membership apps. But all of these methods require interaction with the user. Can you imagine your devices sharing data and services and making payment for the service automatically without bothering you?

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Last Updated on 16. February 2021