IOTA Streams

IOTA Streams

IOTA Streams
Source: IOTA Foundation

IOTA Streams (former: Masked Authenticated Messaging – MAM) is an organizational tool to structure and navigate secure data through the Tangle. It organizes data by ordering it in a uniform and interoperable structure and allows devices to communicate in a secure and private manner.

The main benefits of IOTA Streams:

  • Integrity And Authenticity: The data underpinning Streams is stored on the Tangle to guarantee data integrity at all times.
  • Organization And Analysis: Data from your devices is organized into streams and combined with complimentary data points across systems.
  • Access And Payment: Users are able to control the ownership of data and receive payments.
Controlled Data Sharing
Source: IOTA Foundation

To ensure data integrity all data is transferred and secured over the Tangle and all branches of a Stream reference a common root branch. They keep associated with the original publisher, which guarantees data authenticity. As publisher you can send non-encrypted, open, data in a Stream for everyone to see. You can also restrict access to your data or make it completely private using public key encryption. As subscriber of a Stream you can get the according information from the Tangle and integrate this data into applications. You can also contribute data to a Stream using various types of cross referencing messages.

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Last Updated on 17. February 2021