This article gives an overview over some of the most important partnerships of the IF. There are a lot more partnerships, some of them still unannounced. You can find more partnerships of the IF on the Official Homepage.

Jaguar Landrover

On Apr 29, 2019 the IF announced a partnership with Jaguar Landrover. The new Jaguar Land Rover ‘Smart Wallet’ technology utilizes the IOTA Tangle for data and value transfer and has already been equipped on several research vehicles including F-PACE and Range Rover Velar models.

  • Innovative ‘Smart Wallet’ technology will let drivers earn cryptocurrency on the go
  • Credits can be earned for sharing information about traffic jams and potholes and used to automatically pay for tolls, parking and electric charging
  • Connected services are part of Jaguar Land Rover’s Destination Zero vision — zero accidents, zero congestion and zero emissions
  • Technology on test at new Jaguar Land Rover software engineering centre in Shannon, Republic of Ireland
Source: Jaguar

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On Nov 29, 2019 the IF announced a partnership with EDAG. EDAG has created the CityBot, an autonomous and modular vehicle that can be applied in a multitude of different scenarios and use cases, like cleaning, leaf collecting, delivering goods or it can be used as a cab. The common goal is to use IOTA for secure communications and payments which enables new digital business models for CityBot owners.

  • EDAG presented the CityBot concept vehicle at the International Motor Show 2019.
  • Modularity and maximum flexibility allow it to be used for a wide variety of tasks.
  • The CityBot is an autonomous vehicle that never rests and uses urban resources efficiently.
  • IOTA as data transmission and payments protocol to enable new business models for CityBot owners.
Source: IOTA News

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TradeMark East Africa

On Mar 12, 2020 the IF announced a partnership with TradeMark East Africa. The organization is well known for its work on improving livelihoods through improved trade conditions. The common goal is to:

  • improve data management and collaboration along trade corridors
  • explore new ways to ensure digital solutions are inclusive and benefit both large corporations as well as smaller traders
  • work towards increasing the global competitiveness of East African products whether it is being more cost-effective or providing more transparent supply chains to the end consumer.  
Source: IOTA Foundation

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IOTA Foundation and TradeMark East Africa partner up to improve infrastructure and trade through technology – IF


On Dec 5, 2018 the IF announced a partnership with ECLASS. ECLASS offers ISO approved standardized product data across 44 industry sectors. Through the collaboration, this standardized data can now be transmitted in a private, secure, reliable and accountable manner by utilizing the IOTA Tangle and Masked Authenticated Messaging (MAM). This leads to different use cases for this technology:

  • Secure, private exchange of sensitive product information and specifications
  • Compatibility across product groups and processes
  • Translation support for a borderless digital economy
  • Data consistency for flexible and automated supply chains
Source: ECLASS

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Object Management Group

On May 26, 2018 the IF announced that Richard Soley, chairman and CEO of the Object Management Group (OMG) joined as a supervisory board member and advisor. The common goal is for IOTA to set and become a de facto standard in DLT and IoT technology. You can follow the latest developments here:

eclass Process
Source: IOTA Foundation

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M2M Standard protocol


On Apr 17, 2019 the IF announced a partnership with EVRYTHING. The common goal is making product supply chains transparent in order to meet the urging demands for sustainability. The idea is to increase trust in the products data collected by the EVRYTHNG platform and to transfer this trust to the consumers of those goods. There is already a first use case with ALYX and Avery Dennison where the provenance and authenticity of shirts is tracked.

Source: IOTA Foundation

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On Sep 6, 2018 the IF announced a partnership with ENGIE Lab CRIGEN. ENGIE Lab CRIGEN is the corporate research center of the ENGIE Group, a global energy player and an expert operator in electricity, natural gas and energy services. The common goal is to explore and test the use of IOTA to Energy and adjacent areas such as smart cities, smart buildings and mobility through joint Proofs of Concept and participation in collaborative IOTA initiatives.

Source: IOTA Foundation

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ENGIE Lab CRIGEN and the IOTA Foundation to drive DLT innovation in the smart energy ecosystem – IF

EIT Climate-KIC

On Sep 27, 2019 the IF announced a partnership with EIT Climate KIC. EIT Climate KIC is a Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC) with currently over 370 partners working to accelerate the transition to a carbon-free economy. The goal is to explore how a more long-term mindset can transform the international development sector as a key driver in the global fight against the destruction of ecosystems and the improvement of human livelihoods.

The main goals of the use of the IOTA Tangle are:

  • Democratize access to trustworthy impact data and promote the sharing of impact data
  • Incentivize sustainable, long-term action
  • Harness the catalytic power of network effects and peer-to-peer economies
Source: Climate-KIC

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