IOTA Products

IOTA Products

The IOTA Foundation provides tools and frameworks to interact and develop on the Tangle. This includes different nodes, official wallets and standalone data-related products like IOTA Access or IOTA Stronghold.

IOTA Products
Source: IOTA Foundation

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IOTA Access

IOTA Access is an open-source DLT framework for building policy-based access control systems and enabling pay-per-use functionalities at the edge.

IOTA Certificates

By adding the certificate information to the tangle it is possible to prove that a certificate is authentic, unaltered and therefore credible.

IOTA Digital Assets

IOTA Digital Assets (Colored Coins) are tokens that are based on IOTA and can be used to tamper-proof represent assets from the real world, like concert tickets, ownership of real estate, ownership of an asset or they could work as access tokens.

IOTA Identity

IOTA Identity is an important step towards the adoption of both IOTA and DID due to the unique ability to pay and identify in the same feeless protocol.

IOTA Nodes

IOTA networks consist of interconnected nodes running the same node software. This software allows access to the Tangle, validation of transactions, and storage of transactions in their local ledgers.

IOTA Oracles

Oracles are designed to build a secure bridge between the digital and physical worlds in a decentralized, permission-free manner. Oracles provide DLTs with external information, typically for use in Smart Contracts, or provide interoperability between different distributed ledgers.

IOTA Smart Contracts

Smart Contracts were created to make the enforcement of a contract by third parties, such as a central authority, unnecessary. They enable the execution of trustworthy transactions which are traceable, transparent and irreversible.

IOTA Streams

IOTA Streams is a framework for sending secure messages and data streams. This provides a universal method for devices to communicate in a secure and private manner on the Tangle.

IOTA Stronghold

Stronghold is a collection of multipurpose libraries for secure management of passwords, personal data and private keys.

IOTA Wallets

Overview over the different official IOTA Wallets, like Trinity, Firefly or the Spark Wallet.

Last Updated on 16. February 2021