Storing data tamper-proof

This article is a translation of the German IOTA Beginner’s Guide by Schmucklos.

Storing data tamper-proof

Storing, sharing and trading data is a key part of doing business in the connected world. However, without a neutral method for verifying data, the data cannot be trusted. If you cannot trust that data has not been altered the data becomes practically useless. By using IOTA Tangle, organizations and connected machines can have confidence in the security and privacy of the data they share.

IOTA is not about no one tampering with the data during transmission but about the recipient not tampering with the data. Example: A sensor (with IDoT) has measured/acquired some values and sends this data via the IOTA Tangle, which stores the hash of this data. If this data was to be sold later this hash can be presented as proof and show the buyer by means of the tangle that the data was not manipulated by the sensor afterwards.

The IOTA Tangle is not a data storage device. It is an unchangeable distributed ledger. Data may have to be stored with a third party provider (e.g. cloud storage).

Below are two application examples for which cloud storage of data would make sense:

  • For supply chains shipping documents, images or other data must be stored to ensure that events are permanently recorded.
  • With a digital twin of a vehicle, all data such as mileage, maintenance log and change of ownership must be stored to ensure a permanent record of the vehicle history.

Depending on the application, BiiLabs already provides its customers with such solutions.

Storing Data 1
Source: BiiLabs

By creating a cryptographic hash of the document and storing the hash in the Tangle you can prove that the data is unaltered. In addition, you may also want to keep the data private and allow only authorized users to view it. You can also revoke this authorization if necessary. By using any standard encryption method the data can be backed up and made visible only to those with the appropriate decryption key. If you use the Tangle with a third-party data storage solution your data is unalterably secured and timestamped without having to attach the data to the Tangle.

Conclusion: With this data storage solution the records are unalterably secured and timestamped without having to attach all data directly to the Tangle. By using the IOTA Tangle, organizations and connected machines can easily ensure the accuracy, security and privacy of the shared data.

There is already a demonstrator on this website of the IF:

This blueprint stores files in IPFS and then attaches the unchangeable, permanent IPFS links to the tangle. This saves your content without having to put the whole file into the tangle.

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Last Updated on 16. February 2021