IOTA Research

IOTA Research

In this subject area, everything is very fast-moving and possibly not all descriptions are always up to date. This is also due to the fact that one is not always informed about the progress of the individual subareas, or the IF does not yet want to lay its cards fully on the table.

IOTA Research

More Details

Adaptive PoW

The IF is researching new algorithms to avoid congestion or bottlenecks in transactions in the Tangle.

Flash Channels

Flash Channel is the IOTA version of Bitcoin’s Lightning or Ethereum’s Raiden. It is an offline payment channel for deposits and withdrawals that enables instantaneous, high-throughput transactions.

IOTA-Area-Codes (IACs)

IACs are short, tryte-coded location codes that can be used to tag and retrieve IOTA transactions related to specific locations.

Verifiable Delay Function

The IF is currently exploring the possible alternative to PoW called Verifiable Delay Function. Unlike PoW, such functions are not parallelizable, which makes it inefficient to use FPGAs to achieve a large boost in their computing speed.

Last Updated on 15. February 2021