Future of IOTA

Future of IOTA

In this topic the upcoming updates of the IOTA protocol are listed. For a detailled description you can take a look at the official roadmap. Note: The dates in the official roadmap are ETA’s (estimated time of arrival). Therefore, the planned milestones could deviate from the intended deadline in reality.

Future of IOTA
Source: IOTA Foundation

IOTA 1.5 – Chrysalis

Chrysalis is the intermediate stage of the mainnet before Coordicide is completed. Chrysalis is separate from the Coordicide effort and aims to improve the usability of the current IOTA mainnet before Coordicide.

IOTA 2.0 – Coordicide

With Coordicide the IF is preparing to take its most important step to date in the maturity of the IOTA protocol — realizing the dream of a permissionless and scalable distributed ledger technology. This event is called Coordicide: the death of the Coordinator.

IOTA 3.0 – Additional improvements

The coordinator is shut down and the IOTA network is fully decentralized. This topic collects the subsequent improvements to the protocol, like Sharding or Multiverse consensus.

IOTA x.0 – Ternary vision (abandoned)

This topic is about one of the original visions of the IOTA Foundation, the ternary software and hardware support. Together with its partners and due to limited resources, the IOTA Foundation has decided to support the current binary systems. By solving the problems that exist in the industry today, it hopes to accelerate the adoption of IOTA technology.

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Official roadmap – IF

Last Updated on 17. March 2021