Tangle-based certificates

This article is a translation of the German IOTA Beginner’s Guide by Schmucklos.

Tangle-based certificates

Nowadays, certificates can be issued by many exhibitors, for example by authorities, associations, schools, companies or private individuals.

Here are a few examples for different types of certification:

  • Trainings
  • Certificates, proofs
  • Certificates of participation
  • Professions and courses
  • Qualifications
  • Practice Courses
  • Further education
  • Audit certificates, test certificates
  • Products
  • Quality Assurance
  • Services
  • Procedures
  • Audit reports, e.g. DIN EN ISO 9001
  • ……

While personal education certificates offer a better chance on the job market companies hope for a better market acceptance for their manufactured products. Those who are able to prove a quality management according to DIN-ISO or an arrangement for environmental and climate protection to the customer will be perceived by the customer as higher quality products.

The digital certificates issued today, however, have a major problem. They are often copied or edited with fraudulent intentions, which naturally affects the authenticity and credibility of the original certificates. The loss of trust caused by these fraudulent activities is very high.

The IOTA Foundation offers a solution for this problem. By adding the certificate information to the tangle it is possible to prove that a certificate is authentic, unaltered and therefore credible. For example, to prove the authenticity of a certificate to the customer it is sufficient to scan the QR code of the certificate with the mobile phone or to manually enter the hash indicated on the certificate on the website https://certification.iota.org/.

There is already an association that relies on this IOTA solution. Take a look at the verification of the first certificate issued by Deposy under this link. If you want to know more about Deposy and the issued certificate you can visit their website. I can only recommend everyone to do so. Deposy is a very exciting and ambitious IOTA based project.

Furthermore the IOT1 ACADEMY offers training courses around IOTA where certification is also possible. All participants of the different courses will receive a certificate of participation. This will also be stored in the tangle and can be checked by any interested person. Furthermore, the participants have the possibility to prove their knowledge by an official IOTA Developer certificate. The certification is optional, independent of the course attended and not included in the price of the respective course.

The IOTA Developer certification is obtained after a written and oral assessment by a member of the IOTA Foundation. This enables IOTA experienced developers to be independently certified after learning through the academy or through self-training. Successfully certified applicants receive a certification of their achievements, which is also stored in the Tangle and can therefore be checked for authenticity by third parties directly at the IOTA Tangle.

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Source: IOTA Einsteiger Guide

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