IOTA Ecosystem

IOTA Ecosystem

This article gives an overview over the different parts of the IOTA Ecosystem, including partnerships, research Projects, hardware and community projects.

IOTA Ecosystem
Source: IOTA Ecosystem

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Working Groups

The IOTA Foundation participates in a number of working groups, like Project Alvarium, Tangle EE Working Group, MOBI or INATBA.


IOTA collaborates with over 100 organizations across business, government and academia to develop open-source solutions and provide thought-leadership in key IOTA use case areas.

Solution Partners

These partners provide innovation, consulting and integration capabilities for IOTA use cases.

Research Projects

Different research projects the IF is directly involved in and funded by, as well as projects that use the IOTA technology without a direct participation of the IF.


Currently data is mostly limited to the control of a few entities and unavailable to the masses. Without access to diverse data, not everyone can develop new use cases or enter new business areas either. Data marketplaces are emerging as a means of exchanging data, monetizing data streams and as a basis for new smart business models.


Hyperledger’s permissioned data functionalities have been combined with IOTA’s permissionless data functionalities.

Community projects

Overview over some of the most interesting community projects, the IOTA Experience Teams and the Ecosystem Development Fund.


Overview over some of the most important Hardware integrations of IOTA, like BoschXDK2MAM, STMicroelectronics or IOT2TANGLE.

Last Updated on 15. February 2021