Important tools and websites about IOTA, like explorer, social media, YouTube channels or Community and official websites.

Tools & Service

The TangleExplorer, Rich-List, …
UtilitiesExplorer, OR-Code Generator, …
IotaverigeCreate DeepLinks
Coordinator watchCoordinator statistics
WhalewatchAlert (Transactions > 500 GI)
Tangle VisualizerTangle in Action
PromoterReattach Transactions


DiscordOfficial Discord Server
TelegramTelegram – Tech Channel
TelegramTelegram – Trading Channel
TelegramTelegram – Casual Talk


Hello IOTAWeekly summary (Ger & Eng)
IOTA FoundationOfficial Channel
Everything TangleIOTA explained
IOTA NewsUnregurarely News
Mobilefish.comTutorials & Explanations

Community Websites

IOTA ArchivePartnerships, Contacts, …
IOTA FamilyFirst Steps into IOTA
IOTA WikiWiki for Beginners
HacksterProjects to build yourself
IOTA ShopsMerchandise
Think TangleCategorised News
IOTA Link DirectoryCollection of links

Official Websites

IOTA FoundationOfficial Website
RoadmapRoadmap, R&D
IOTA BlogAnnouncements and Articles
IOTA EcosystemCommunity Ecosystem
IOTA Open PositionsCurrent Job Offerings
IOTA DocsDocumentation for Developers
EDFIOTA development fund
EDF Donation TrackerEDF Grant / Donation Tracker
GithubIOTA Repository
IOT1 AcademyAcademy for developers
IOTA UntangledIOTA Podcast
The Automation SeriesIOTA Podcast
IOTA TrinityOfficial IOTA Wallet
IOTA CoordicideIOTA 2.0 – Coordicide
IOTA CafeTech-Talk for the advanced

Last Updated on 11. February 2021