IOTA x.0 – Ternary vision (abandoned)

This article is a translation of the German IOTA Beginner’s Guide by Schmucklos.

IOTA x.0 – Ternary vision (abandoned)

This topic is about one of the original visions of the IOTA Foundation, the ternary software and hardware support.

Ternary vision

Together with its partners and due to limited resources, the IOTA Foundation has decided to support the current binary systems. By solving the problems that exist in the industry today, it hopes to accelerate the adoption of IOTA technology.

In April 2020, all internal research and development work on Qubic and its ternary data flow model was put on hold in order to use the freed capacity to complete the core protocol as quickly as possible. The current state of Qubic is described here.

In the long term, especially David Sønstebø (no longer with IF since Dec 2020) continues to believe in a ternary-based future. So all options are left open in this regard, for example Qubic will become an open-source 2-layer application. Everyone is invited to contribute to the project in the future and to further develop the newly created Abra dataflow programming model.

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