I3 Marketplace

This article is a translation of the German IOTA Beginner’s Guide by Schmucklos.

I3 Marketplace

I3 is the name of an open consortium of technology leaders with the goal of creating IoT communities, including smart cities, where device owners are an active part of the community. Individual IoT communities will be given the opportunity to network with each other to form larger communities. Applications and data merchants will be given access to these IoT-based communities and offer their value-added services to enable the improvement of daily life in the city of Los Angeles and beyond.

I3 also stands for the Intelligent IoT Integrator, that is the core software developed to serve as a vendor-independent data management tool that sits between the IoT device and the IoT application to manage the many IoT data streams between the independent IoT devices.

The I3 Vision

  • The I3 system envisions a world where application developers, can access the multitude of sensors that others have deployed and connected to the network.
  • The I3 system envisions a world where sensor owners can take the initiative and deploy smart sensors in anticipation of an emerging and independent application market that will leverage their data for the benefit of its users.
  • The I3 system envisions a world where companies can easily integrate data from different types of sensors from many different manufacturers to improve their internal decision-making processes. By increasing data transparency, advanced data analytics and artificial intelligence processes will have a better view of the real world because they will be able to map our physical world as a digital twin.
  • The I3 system envisions a world where data flows seamlessly between data producers and data consumers, a world where data systems can easily adapt to policies and decisions.

Tasks of I3

  • Work with suppliers to create an environment that facilitates testing and evaluation of IoT network components.
  • Create and evaluate concepts and tools needed to establish and manage trust in a community of independent device owners.
  • Disseminate software / information to promote collaborative development and networking among IoT communities.
  • Conduct activities designed to accelerate the realization of IoT-based smart systems.

The goals of I3

  • Integrate software from multiple sources to create a citywide IoT test / demonstration system.
  • To create a test / demonstration system that can demonstrate functionality, perform operational testing, and generate market data needed to evaluate return on investment (ROI).
  • Expanding our understanding of IoT marketplaces and privacy by evaluating concepts. For example, promoting or preventing data flows, data ownership, incentives, and trust.
  • Creating an open source product from the core I3 software that can be distributed to other community-based IoT devices to promote systemic evolution from a common foundation.
  • Develop networking capabilities that enable diverse and independent I3 data streams to interact and share data effectively. > An IoT data marketplace.
  • Encourage IoT device deployment and data sharing by independent device owners by addressing security and privacy needs to complement an incentive and trust-building system.
  • Provide application developers access to a compilation of real-time IoT data drivers as needed.
  • Encouraging greater application-side use of data streams by AI systems and applications to enable data merchants to make smarter decisions.
  • Creating a virtualized representation of the IoT device for a network infrastructure to protect the network from damage caused by devices with uncertain origin.

The I3 Marketplace

In order to realize the vision and goals they set for themselves, researchers at the University of Southern California (USC) created the I3 Marketplace for buying and selling data. Due to its design, both humans and IoT devices can participate in trading on this I3 marketplace. The marketplace does not store data, but only acts as an intermediary for selling information. Buyers of data or data streams, thus need a place to store their data and need to be sure that this data has not been tampered with.

USC researchers therefore experimented with the IOTA protocol, among others, to see if and how this scheme could work with this technology. IOTA’s distributed ledger technology enables this desired tamper-proof transfer of data, plus values (IOTA Tokens) can be transferred without a fee.

I3 marketplace users can now use the IOTA Tangle to store their data immutably. In the future, there will be more research, experiments and improvements around IoT and the integration of various devices and sensors in close collaboration. S. D. Nelson (“Nelson”) of the IOTA Foundation will report on this in further blog articles.

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