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This article is a translation of the German IOTA Beginner’s Guide by Schmucklos.

Open MarketplaceA decentralized marketplace for smart cities

Open Marketplace is a project launched by the IOTA community in Spring 2020 with the goal of empowering local communities in terms of collaboration, commerce, and more.

Open Marketplace

The market

Regardless of whether you run a local business or an online store, there are no costs or transaction fees on the Open Marketplace. You can easily create and run your store in an open application.


In the decentralized Open Source Marketplace, many open applications can be used and combined. All of them are decentralized and can be self-hosted or hosted via Open Cloud. Open applications means that anyone can use them for free. The source code of the applications is public and all builds can be downloaded for free. Any developer has the permission to use or modify the code as they wish.

The following applications are to be developed for the Open Marketplace: Marketplace, Shop, Delivery, Chat, Data Marketplace, News, Discount, Social Networking.

Various ideas are already bubbling up to bring these envisioned applications to life; for example, local purchases could be delivered by drones in the future. A proof of concept for the Open Marketplace is already being worked on, and the team is also participating in an IOTA hackathon with the theme “Build a Marketplace of Devices with IOTA” to gain experience and ideas in the process.

The PoC is expected to cover the following features for now:

  • Represent delivery and loading operations of a delivery drone in a simulated environment – but with real data and payments.
  • Drone manufacturers or operators of a drone delivery service should be able to deliver packages to customers on autopilot and earn money.
  • The drone should be able to use one of the many smart charging stations to fill its batteries and pay for electricity – completely automated.

Another idea is to create a decentralized and privacy-protected chat application. There is already a first prototype.

Interested developers and can actively participate on Github.

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