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Content of the Beginners Guide

General Basics

Learn about the basics of a digital future, like Internet of Things, Internet of Everything, M2M Communication and modern communication technology.

DLT Basics

Learn about the basics of distributed ledger technology, like blockchain, tangle, consensus mechanisms and the history of bitcoin.

IOTA Basics

What is IOTA? Learn about its basics, like its vision, the team, the technology, partnerships, the history of the project and what its social impact might be.

IOTA Token

Learn about the IOTA Token: Where to buy, what are its economics, why should the price increase, how to store the tokens safely and the key differences to a Central Bank Digital Currency.

IOTA Products

Learn about the products of IOTA, like wallets, nodes, IOTA Access, IOTA Stronghold, IOTA Digital Assets or IOTA Streams.

Future of IOTA

Learn about the upcoming versions of IOTA, from Crysalis (IOTA 1.5) to Coordicide (IOTA 2.0) and even further improvements, like Sharding. Also contains the abandoned vision of a ternary-based system.

Use Cases

Learn about different application areas of the IOTA protocol, like automotive & mobility, Smart Cities, Smart Farming, Supply Chain or Industry 4.0.

IOTA Ecosystem

Learn about the IOTA Ecosystem, including its partnerships, working groups, marketplaces and current projects.


Learn about possibilities to become an IOTA developer, like tutorials to recreate, hackathons and the official IOTA Academy where you can get officially certified.

IOTA Research

Learn about different improvements of the IOTA protocol that are still under research.

IOTA Calendar

Stay up to date: Which events are going to happen in near future?

Criticism about IOTA

Which points do most critics express about IOTA and why are these points not valid?


Learn all the technical terms related to IOTA.


What are frequently asked questions about IOTA and how are they answered?

Last Updated on 18. February 2021