Deposy – Recycling system

This article is a translation of the German IOTA Beginner’s Guide by Schmucklos.


The project Deposy (short for deposit system) wants to achieve with an IOTA-based deposit system that all plastic waste of our throwaway society is sorted according to its composition (PP, PS, etc.) and returned to the industry for recycling. Plastics are very expensive for processing manufacturers and the current recycling system does not allow for the reuse of plastics that have already been used because, as a rule, all types of plastic are disposed of in a mixed way by the consumer. Because of this mixed waste, which is very difficult to recycle, about 80% of plastics are incinerated in power plants today.

With a financial incentive and a QR code on each plastic product, the project aims to encourage proper disposal at sorting machines so that the recycled plastic waste can be turned back into pure granules for the manufacturing process.


Main goals of the project

  • Less plastic waste in the environment, for example reducing microplastics in rivers, lakes and oceans
  • A significantly higher recycling rate and thus contribute to the reuse of plastic
  • A significant CO2 saving
  • Create financial incentives for an additional source of revenue (plastic waste collection)

Deposy is a project of the association BIOTA e.V. (i.G.), which promotes the application of new technologies, especially the distributed ledger technology of the IOTA Foundation, which contribute to the protection of the environment and the climate.

Details about Deposy, how to become a supporting member of the association and how to support the team can be found on the website of the project.

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